I have done different works and hobbies during my life but science always is my first priority all these years. I have gotten B.Sc. degree in Applied Chemistry and gotten M.Sc. degree in Physical Chemistry. Then I have finished my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics in 2014.
It is necessary to say special thank to my beloved family and my beautiful wife whome always support me in any situation. I have also thanks Dr. A. Shafiei, Dr. M. Ghaemi, Dr. M.G. Mahjani, and Dr. A.H. Bamoniri for advising me during my undergraduated study. They helped me to find my life passion. I have never forgotten them and they are always in my mind. 
Today, my research focuses on the the representation, modelling, analysis, and visualisation of biological networks in their spatial and temporal embedding.
I am interested in solving biological problems using bioinformatics methods (especially systems biology) regarding complex systems theory.
My ultimate goal is to help in developing new approaches in diagnosis and treatment of special diseases.

about me